Wednesday 23 April 2014

Boro Exhibition - Somerset House, London

I am just back from a trip to London where I went to see the most amazing exhibition of Boro Textiles.  These were original Boro pieces made at least over 100 years or more and they have been preserved over the years and are now part of a collection which was made available for viewing at Somerset House.  The pieces were all stretched and mounted on frames which I wasn't expecting but it showed off the pieces to be beautiful works of art - I had to restrain myself from touching these works but photography was allowed so I managed to take a large number of up close photos as well as purchasing the catalogue that went with the exhibition.  Here are some of the images.... I took over 65!


Sweetpea said...

I'd give my eye teeth to see this Boro exhibit ... THANK YOU for sharing your images!

Karin said...

Oh my goodness me, all those layers and not being allowed to touch....obviously it wouldn't last so long if everyone stroked it but it couldn't be easy not too.