Sunday 30 January 2022

Sculptural Pockets workshop with Debbie Lyddon

 I attended a virtual workshop this week with Debbie Lyddon on sculptural pockets.  I have seen Debbie's work for many years now and its always a treat to look at and wonder how she competed her works.  Institches have some great workshops and to be able to do this from your own home works out so well.  Debbie's class encouraged us to make a 'pocket' to hold a small cherished item of our choice and to develop a 3d textile piece from a 2d pattern.  This was a great learning curve and something to work on and develop further.  

We had to choose a verb to develop the work and i chose Surround and suspend.  as yet i have not decided what direction to suspend it from.  This is a piece of canvas painted with gesso, then a 2d pattern transferred and made into my 3d pocket.  I then applied indian ink and more gesso with stitching. 

Thursday 27 January 2022 Stitch Camp with Gwen Hedley

 I recently took part in the free stitch camp organised by Joe & Sam at with free tuition by Gwen Hedley.  It was fun and all virtual.  Participation was at your own pace from your own home with videos and workbooks by Gwen encouraging free style stitching and painting onto fabric.  It was recommended to do 30mins of stitch over 5 days, I probably did around 2 hours over 5/7 days and have just finished a small booklet today. This was made on Irish linen and painted in paynes gray and sienna with various types of stitch.  

Saturday 27 November 2021

Tea Time Exhibition R-Space

I was fortunate to have this piece of work accepted recently in the Tea Time call for entries taking place at R-Space in Lisburn.  this is a great gallery and space and some beautiful work went on display.  

Here is my contribution:

Other works on display were all in response to the Tea Time theme some you can see below.


Thursday 28 October 2021

Using wire to create lace

 Some sampling in progress using wire to replicate the lace technique

Sunday 15 August 2021


New works in progress, I am trying to incorporate a 3d effect into the fabric using Clanrye Lace techniques involving cutwork, drawn thread work, embroidery and lace making. 

Sunday 8 August 2021

CTN Comfort

 This 8"x8" piece was made for Cork Textiles Network's call for work to be made during lockdown.  

Linen & Lace Exhibition

 Some older works also exhibited this week 

Saturday 7 August 2021

Linen & Lace Exhibition, Derrymore House

 The Clanrye Lace Group and South Armagh Lace Collective are holding a joint exhibition this weekend at Derrymore House.  These are some works I prepared for the event. 

Monday 5 November 2018

Stitch Your Brain

I have recently completed my contribution to the Stitch Your Brain Project organised by Monika Auch.  This is such a lovely project and an exhibition of works are to be held in Amsterdam in late November.  Go have a look at her project and completed works :) .

Monday 10 September 2018

CTN Heads & Tales Exhibition

Currently exhibiting in Alliance Francaise Cork, is this piece of work which is my contribution to the theme of 'Tales' organised by Cork Textiles Network.  Artists were asked to respond to the theme and hopefully be successful in contributing to the Knitting and Stitching show this year in London, Dublin and Harrogate.  My work is entitled 'My Diary, a place to keep secrets.  This work is based around a diary – a place where you can record your thoughts, secrets and often life’s meaning and memories.  It’s a deeply personal space that is never meant to be shared or viewed but something enjoyed by its author.

This work is like my diary – it provides a glimpse of secrets and thoughts – an understanding that we all have a life, the detail of which not everyone will ever see or know but are wrapped up, patched over and stitched into the fabric of my life .  Edited to add this piece is sold.  

The other part of this exhibition is 'Heads' where all members were asked to produce a self portrait to fit to a particular size canvas.  Here I am - 'She's got issues' 

Friday 30 June 2017

Ecological Methods of Using Natural Dyes with Michel Garcia

I recently attended a workshop at Big Cat Textiles in Newburgh on natural dyeing with Michel Garcia.  It was such an amazing experience, intense learning but very much worth it.  I plan to mordant many metres of linen and cotton this weekend in preparation for dyeing over the coming weeks.  Michel is a passionate tutor and very knowledgeable and I was lucky to be with a great group who were all very keen and eager to learn too.  Here are some images of my dyed samples :

Natural Indigo on Linen and Silk

Natural Dyes on Linen

Natural Dyes on Silk

Michel at work

River Tay

Salmon Sculpture in local park

Tuesday 20 June 2017

About a book................

Exhibiting in Newry Library with Ceangailte, the group responded to the theme of About a Book... for this exhibition. 

Accordian book on handmade paper rusted and tea stained

Irish Linen and encaustic with stitch

Below are works from other Ceangailte members in a variety of media

Saturday 7 January 2017

Mixed Media Encaustic Textiles

Here are some of my latest pieces, some of which will be exhibited in the coming months.

Saturday 27 August 2016

Mixed Media with Encaustic

These are works created on wooden panels and some scrap wood - fabric with stitch and encaustic :

100 Years of Heritage - Exhibition

An exhibition is taking place at Listoke in Drogheda of work by members of Louth Craftmark - on until 30 September.  These works below are on display there :

This is made from Irish linen dyed with avocado, turmeric, tea and coffee then waxed.

Linen and silk on panel with encaustic