Sunday 30 January 2022

Sculptural Pockets workshop with Debbie Lyddon

 I attended a virtual workshop this week with Debbie Lyddon on sculptural pockets.  I have seen Debbie's work for many years now and its always a treat to look at and wonder how she competed her works.  Institches have some great workshops and to be able to do this from your own home works out so well.  Debbie's class encouraged us to make a 'pocket' to hold a small cherished item of our choice and to develop a 3d textile piece from a 2d pattern.  This was a great learning curve and something to work on and develop further.  

We had to choose a verb to develop the work and i chose Surround and suspend.  as yet i have not decided what direction to suspend it from.  This is a piece of canvas painted with gesso, then a 2d pattern transferred and made into my 3d pocket.  I then applied indian ink and more gesso with stitching. 

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