Friday 26 December 2008

Happy Holidays

Hi folks and a very Happy Christmas wish to you all. I hope this is a peaceful time of year for everyone. I managed to get some crafting time to myself and hope to get lots more over the coming weeks. Here is a little snippet of something which I hope to send off to be published very soon.

Monday 15 December 2008

I've been absent......

I know I know, I do promise myself constantly that I will photo my work and blog it more regularly but at this time of year its almost impossible. I have been doing lots of work at home making curtains and cushions which I also promise not to do again in the future. I have also been busy making some of my xmas pressies / wedding pressie this year hence my absence but hopefully after xmas life will settle down a bit and I can get back to doing some more work with less time constraints.

My lovely friend Audrey is getting married next week and some of her forum buddies in the UK and Dublin got together to make her a little something. I had been inspired by what I saw on Julie van Oosten's blog and thought I could get some of Audrey's creative friends to do something similar. I have to admit to being delighted with the results and almost not giving it to her. I think she kinda liked it :-)))

This is what I made for Audrey and which my lovely hubby thought I should 'do the right thing' and buy her a proper pressie lol. The background is some silk paper I made some time back at a workshop which I then stamped and embroidered on to it and I am very happy with how it turned out.

It was a busy month for Audrey as it was also her birthday, so I made her birthday card too...

And Finally........................... I have literally just finished making this hanging for my mum for xmas, the tips of my fingers are still numb but its worth it. I'm pleased with how it looks but I think in the future I will make something a little more abstract to this piece, its exactly how I had planned it but I'm not sure if its something I would want to re-create.

Hopefully during the holidays I will work my busy little fingers to some wonderfully creative work and get back into a routine of blogging again. Thanks for dropping by and do pop back again soon :0))