Monday 26 November 2007

Wednesday Stamper / Saturday Stamper

Wednesday Stamper's challenge is to use diamonds in your work, Saturday Stamper have a combined challenge using the themes of various challenges, I loved trying to combine all of them. I have used various stamps and background papers, most of which have diamonds in some shape or form but they dont come out too clearly on the picce. TFL.


The challenge for Scrapwest this week was Books. I didn't get to send mine in last week as I was away over the weekend, however, I made a Booklace. I would like to try some more of these, they are great fun and can be any shape or size you like. This one has the title of Journey and could do with some more work to it too. The covers are made with metal foil and coloured with alcohol ink, the inner pages are made up of mica, chipboard, fabric and other bits of paper decorated and embossed.

Felt & ribbon flower

This is a little flower brooch which I made at a class at this year's Knit & Stitch show. I keep meaning to finish it,maybe soon. =0)

Sunday 18 November 2007

Scrapwest Challenge - Just the Two of us

This piece is unfinished but I took the piccie as there is good light at the moment. The poem reads : A MOTHER is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take. I have mounted this onto an oatmeal coloured canvas, the background is Abaca paper adn handmade felt with some lovely linen, an image transfer decorated with beads and some metal mesh and buttons. TFL.

ps. I think a tripod will be on my Santa list - I have such a shaky hand and I took several piccies of this - it was the best LOL

Saturday 17 November 2007

Saturday Stamper - Tone on Tone

This week the challenge is Tone on Tone at Saturday Stamper. This is my contribution - not sure where I am going with this but I may add to it later =0)

Saturday 10 November 2007

Scrapwest Challenge - Changing Colours

My contribution to the Scrapwest Challenge of Changing Colours was this little house card made with blues and greens - colours I feel I dont use enough off and will use more in the future. I love how this turned out. The back of the card is metal foil which was placed in a cuttlebug embossing plate and it was then coloured with alcohol inks.

Saturday Stamper - Tags

The Saturday Stamper challenge this week is to use a tag in your work. I was delighted to be asked to have my ATC featured and sorry to hear that Kaz in unwell. I hope you're feeling much better soon. xx

I hope you will also join in and have fun making this week's challenge. Here is the ATC which was used.

Tuesday 6 November 2007

Saturday Stamper - Collage

This was the brief:

A collage (From the French: coller, to stick) is a work of art, primarily in the visual arts, made from an assemblage of different forms, thus creating a new whole. Use of this technique made its dramatic appearance among oil paintings in the early 20th century as an art form of groundbreaking novelty.
An artistic collage work may include
newspaper clippings, ribbons, bits of colored or hand-made papers, portions of other artwork, photographs, and such, glued to a piece of paper or canvas.

This is a celtic themed piece, and probably the largest image transfer I have ever done as its almost A4. Lots of celtic stamps in the backgrounds and a little celtic warrior stamped and embossed on vellum in the centre. The metal foil was stamped from behind and embossed, I distressed it with black ink. TFL.