Monday, 19 September 2011

Silk Screen on Bark Fabric

This is a lovely piece of bark fabric which I bought recently at the NEC. It has a beautiful texture to it and even some stitch holding the fabric together. I have silk screened on this and added some stitch. As yet, its unfinished but I am working on it :0)

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Inspiration photos taken on holiday this year

Hi folks - summer is now over and normal routine is back with a bang (and woolly socks judging by today's temperature) I have been out the past few weeks on holiday but thought I would share a piccie or two that caught my attention - none of the usual holiday pics but some colours and textures that I loved.

this virginia creeper on the walls of Adare Manor was so rich looking against the grey walled background.

Second is an image of a washed up boat which was one of many being exhibited in Palma at present by artist Fabrizio Plessi and supported by Louis Vuitton - I was never more delighted to see so much peeling paint :0)