Wednesday 10 March 2010

My Final Assessment Piece - Passage

Hi folks, I think I can now function in real life again, I feel as though this piece of work has taken up the last few months entirely and life zoomed by. I have attached a photo of the fabric piece on its own as a fabric wall hanging, this is made from discharged satin and chiffon and has who knows how many of those wonderful little french knots on it along with free machine quilting and some embellishments. The piece is then complete with a hanging of copper which I have patinated, stitched lots of knots on also and cut to shape. on their side, they are both the shape of shipwrecks but i prefer them the way I have shown you. I am now very glad to be finished this work and to hand it in for evalution tomorrow - woohoo - will be back soon with some work from my notebooks which built up to this piece. :0)))

Monday 1 March 2010

What I'm working on .............................

Hi folks, I'm still working away in the background trying in vain to finish my final piece for assessment for my creative embroidery course. This is a snippet of what I am doing at present and its taking me forever. I decided to do 'some' french knots around the edges of chiffon and they have turned into thousands............................ and i am still at it a week later :( I love how its turning out but definitely need to get cracking. The background is a black satin which I have discharged and it has turned out great. Watch this space for more updates!!!