Thursday 29 December 2011

Free as a bird

I've been trying unsuccessfully to get a photo of this bird recently as he is around quite a lot sitting on logs or pouncing on mice in the field but i never manage to get a picture of him. Today I stood for a while - with frozen fingers - determined to capture a picture of him - this was taken quite a distance away but I love the strong features he has.

Mixed Media Textile - Brass and found metal

Well, I finally managed to get this uploaded. This is my final piece of work for my mixed media and drawing module. I seem to have chopped a bit of the left hand side which has more stitching on it. The metals are brass which has been treated in various processes and some rusty found metal which was also treated to some varnish, alcohol inks and a bit of a blow torch session to clean it up a bit. The background is rusted satin with copper mesh and metal mesh .
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