Sunday 23 October 2011

Not what you normally see while having breakfast

I was eating my breakfast this morning when I spotted what I thought was a cow walking on the railway line close by our home. I was delighted to see this beautiful beast toddling along and more than willing to pose for photos for me.

So, after being very excited with the lovely image I had a go at drawing him, I have been trying to draw for some time now and its not a strong point but Im getting there slowly.


Carol Q said...

cool Carrie - I've often seen muntjac deer out our way but not a commanding specimen like this one.

Paula J Atkinson said...

He is a magnificent creature isn't he!
I am actually quite fortunate, Carrie, because my daily commute takes me right through Lord Yarborough's estate and he has lots of deer. On a misty morning last week I was lucky enough to see a mother with two young. It was a bit eerie but beautiful.