Wednesday 12 October 2011

The Sketchbook Project

Well, I signed up for this last month as I felt I needed to 'do something creative'. Who knows where or how I can create the time to get this complete but its worth a shot. I have made a good start at it but at the moment it just doesn't seem to have much direction and I think I may have run out of steam on it. however, I will perservere with it and hopefully compelte it on time to be included in the tour. I might even make an excuse to get to London to view it :0)

My theme is 'Nothing New' as it suits me and all things old, decaying, rusty and wrinkly etc....
Here are some of the pages ; ok, just one page as the others are appearing sideways - will upload more soon :


Sarah said...

off to a good start!

I'm doing this year's too - my theme is Along The Line - and I'm DEFINITELY heading to London for the exhibition (but to be fair I have less far to travel than you :) )

Paula J Atkinson said...

I love the page, the depth of colour is amazing it really doesn't need much else adding here.
I will be checking in to see how you get on :0)