Monday, 14 October 2013

Knit & Stitch, Ally Pally

I am just back from a great show at Ally Pally and inspired by the lovely work and people at the show. I went to the show on the Thursday afternoon and all day Friday, Thursday was the first time the show opened late and this was a great option.  When I arrived, the exhibition spaces had almost cleared of the many people who visited early in the day and I was delighted to be able to speak with Dorothy Caldwell, Leslie Morgan of Committed to Cloth and James Hunting.  All were so helpful, informative and allowed photos of the works on display and talked openly about how they present their work, finish them and any other questions asked were answered in detail.  What a great way to learn from the professionals. I also took a 2 hour workshop on Kantha stitch with Dorothy Caldwell on the Friday, spent most of the time talking and taking many photos of her beautiful Kantha samples so I didn't achieve a whole lot but luckily I am booked again for Dublin for the same class.   Here are some of the photos I took fromm Dorothy's exhibit and also from James Hunting.

And James Hunting's work below - there are so many tiny stitches and detail on these that my camera on my phone barely captured them - they are more beautiful in real life.

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Carol Q said...

funny what turns us on isn't it - I don't get these at all lol