Thursday, 28 July 2011


How do you feel when you get a rejection? Me? I had a giggle, well, its probably a lot easier if you dont have expectations for certain situations. This piece along with another was sent back from the Embroiderer's Guild as not suitable for their 'Off the Wall Exhibition' (note the lack of much stitching!).

This started out as white cotton poplin fabric which was then 'rust dyed'. It then went through a series of screen prints, lito coal was added, plaster emulsion, painted bondaweb and finally a little stitching.

On a better note, I had an acceptance from a local gallery to submit work for their forthcoming exhibition so it's not all bad news. More on this to follow soon (i promise)


Jo Capper-Sandon said...

lol @ you and the lack of stitching :0) If you don't put things forward you never know ay?
Huge congratulations on your other work.
I've loved seeing the progression in your style over the years.

Karin said...

Maybe it submitted it to the wrong exhibition lol @ the lack of stitching ;-) Congratulations on your fabulous achievements Carrie.